Phuket Sea Canoe: Hong by Starlight

Sunset on Phang Nga Bay

Entering the 'Hong'

Phang Nga Bay

Sea Eagle

Entering the cave

Out of time: inside a hong

It’s no secret that the hongs of Phang Nga Bay are spectacular. But there’s still one secret few know: they’re even more incredible in the evening. On the Hongs by Starlight tour, you arrive at the day’s first stop when most groups are heading home, making these natural wonders your private theatre. A light lunch, a hearty dinner, a special Thai ceremony, and an uncommon respect for the environment are trademarks of this trip. In the dark, the in-depth knowledge of the guides and the thoughtful touches shine even more brilliantly.
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What you could see during the trip

Rock formation

Our paddlers are ready

Emerald waters

Let's go for a first 'Hong'...

...'Mangrove cave'

Inside the hong

Move back in the cave

Go for a second cave

Entering the cave

'Diamond Cave'

Inside the hong

Back to the boat

Let's go for a third cave...

On the way to...

Floatting Kratong in a cave

Inside the hong

The storm reach Phang Nga

Sunset on Phang Nga Bay

Our boat in the bay at dusk

Wildlife, Limestone, Plants & Rock Details


Extra shots

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