Ayodhaya's Phang Nga Bay Cruise

Phang Nga Bay ahead

Comfortable boat

James Bond Island

Koh Panyee

Koh Tapu

A famous rock

The Phang Nga Bay Ideal Cruise is exactly what it says it is, ideal. A very relaxing way of taking in the beauty of Phang Nga Bay National Park, along the way you'll see, amongst other things, the amazing James Bond Island, also Ko Panyi, a complete town built on stilts in the middle of nature at it's best. On the return journey there is ample opportunity to cool off, with a swim and chance to explore Lawa Island. The day we went the tour was so popular we were switched to a larger boat, a chinese junk which is used for the Ayodhaya Sunset Cruise - this is not the usual boat. Read more about Phang Nga Bay Ideal Cruise

Phang Nga Bay Cruise Daytrip

Morning view 2

Today, the junk has to go

Morning view 3

A tranquil cruise

Koh Hong

Canoes start their tour

A magnificent bay

James Bond Island ahead

Our longtail comes

Bay view

Koh Tapu - James Bond Island

Rock formation

... and the mangrove to...

... to Koh Panyee, for lunch!

... through a tunnel...

Rock formation

Helpful staff

A famous rock

The base entrance

Read more about Ayodhaya's Phang Nga Bay Cruise

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