Phi Phi Island Restaurants

Carpe Diem

Tonsai Seafood

Mama's Restaurant

Snacks stall

Cosmic Pizzeria

Dinner with movie

Okay – so Phi Phi may seem like the stereotypical seafood lover's paradise but when it comes to dining out you'll find out that it's a whole lot more than that. For such a small location, the range of food available is just jaw dropping and the nicest part about it is that service on Phi Phi is super-friendly. Go Italian one night then try traditional Thai the next; there are enough choices here to keep you restaurant hopping for weeks on end. Read more about Phi Phi restaurants & dining.

Mama's Restaurant

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Tonsai Seafood

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Phi Phi Restaurants

Carpe Diem's seafood

HC Andersen Restaurant

Snacks & Sandwiches


Phi Phi Bakery

Hibachi Restaurant

Tempting offer

Matt's Joint Grill

Cosmic Pizzeria

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