Banyan Tree Phuket

Double Pool Villa

The Spa


Spa Villa
Pool Villa



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IMG_0342 IMG_0276 IMG_0926
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IMG_0432 IMG_0448
IMG_0423 IMG_0537
IMG_0531 IMG_0553
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IMG_0798 IMG_0828 IMG_0978 IMG_0543
IMG_0541 IMG_0462 IMG_0430 IMG_0486

Restaurants and Bar

IMG_0967 IMG_0936 IMG_0983
IMG_0951 IMG_0956 IMG_0961
IMG_0794 IMG_0819 IMG_0843
IMG_0395 IMG_0399 IMG_0403
IMG_0845 IMG_0379 IMG_0987
IMG_0855 IMG_0948 IMG_0426 IMG_0393
IMG_0279 IMG_0287 IMG_0840 IMG_0853
IMG_0816 IMG_0465 IMG_0854 IMG_0837

Sanya Rak Dinner Cruise

Double Pool Villa

Spa Villa

IMG_0565 IMG_7371 IMG_0575
IMG_0589 IMG_0588 IMG_0591 IMG_0563

Lagoon Pool Villa

Lagoon Plunge Pool Villa

Pool Villa

IMG_0641 IMG_0658 IMG_0654
IMG_0652 IMG_7385 IMG_7397
IMG_0382 IMG_7392 IMG_0671 IMG_0643

2 Bedroom Pool Villa

IMG_0510 IMG_0688 IMG_7405
IMG_7401 IMG_0703 IMG_0712
IMG_0694 IMG_0695 IMG_0734 IMG_0745
IMG_0726 IMG_0716 IMG_0662 IMG_0681
IMG_0679 IMG_0786

Garden Villa

IMG_7416 IMG_0758 IMG_0762
IMG_0490 IMG_0767 IMG_0748 IMG_0776
IMG_0771 IMG_0773

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