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James Bond Island

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Phuket Canoeing: James Bond Canoe is the other program offered by Sea Cave Canoe (see the Sea Cave Canoe program photos). The program schedule is as follow: Departure from LAem Sai (Sandy Peninsula) to visit a first Hong ("room") at Panak Island. Visit a second Hong at Hong Island. Discover Tapu Island - James Bond Island - where the movie "the man with the golden gun" has been shot in 1974. Have a delicious lunch on board on the way to Rawa Island to relax and swim. A wonderful day...
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Koh Panak

A tiny island on the way

Panak Island

Panak Island closer view

Ready to go

Our paddlers

Boat on its way

Entering the cave

In the cave

In the Mangrove Hong

Laem Sai

The pier

Let's go

Panak Island

Koh Hong

View on the Phang Nga Bay

Hong Island

Enjoy the journey

Hong Island

In a Hong

Sea canoeing

Magic seascape

James Bond Island - Koh Tapu

Paddlers are ready

On the way

James Bond Island

Almost there

A famous rock

Stone entrance

Graphic stone


Tourist boat

Busy place

James Bond rock

Lunch - Rawa Island - Extra shots

Chicken Cashew Nuts

Grilled Fish

Fried Noodles

Pineapple Tempura

Koh Rawa

Our boat

Photos of the Sea Cave Canoe Program

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