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It’s about as strenuous as watching television in your hotel room, but even high-definition can’t match this scenery. Paddle – or, more accurately, be paddled – along the base of dramatic cliffs. Float through pitch-black tunnels and emerge in secret circular rooms; the soaring walls are rock and the ceilings are blue sky. Monkeys swing from vines. Mudskippers live up to their name. And crabs scurry about in a humorous lateral ballet. Otherworldly sights, top-notch service, and all the little things done perfectly – find out just how fun an afternoon at sea can be.
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What you could see during the trip

Arriving on site

Our paddler

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Bat Cave

Photo shooting

Sea Cave Canoe boat

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Inside the Hong

Crab-Eating Monkey

They also like bananas

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Amazing landscapes

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Cliff inside the Hong

Out from the tunnel

Koh Hong

Low tide in a Hong

Relaxing on the beach

Canoes relaxing as well

Photos of the James Bond Canoe Program

Phuket Canoeing - James Bond Canoe - Phang Nga Bay Daytrip
James Bond Canoe Program

James Bond Island

Phang Nga Bay

Hong Island

Our Boat

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Rawa Island

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