Phuket Discovery Tour

Phuket Discovery Tour
Phuket Big Buddha
Canoeing in the mangrove
Nok Ga-yang Kao
Yamu jetty
Statues at Phuket Big Buddha
Tour's floating camp

Phuket Discovery Tour deserves its name: even Phuket residents could discover places they never been before! Radar Hill view points embrace Phuket's east and west coasts, allowing you to see Phi Phi Islands, Chalong Bay and Patong Beach. Phuket Big Buddha is a recent attraction: a 40 meters statue covered with white marble overlooking Chalong Bay on the east, and Kata Beach on the west. From Phuket heights, come down to sea level and discover the fascinating Mangrove; an eco-system which needs to be protected due to its importance in the food chain.
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Radar Hill View Point & Phuket Big Buddha

Yamu Bay Mangrove - Lunch at the Floating Camp and Canoeing

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