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Similan Stopover - 2 Days/1Night

Main beach
Island #8 Viewpoint

... Donald Duck Bay - island #8

Let's go to...

Koh Miang

Relax on the beach or...

Destinations love to use the word “unspoiled”, though it doesn’t always apply. But Similan Islands – there’s nine of them in all – are a lesson in environmental conservation. Protected as a national park, they are a virtually untouched playground for snorkelers, divers, and beach connoisseurs. The softest of sand meets the clearest of water in what may be the most serene spot in all of Thailand.
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Similand Islands Sea Views


What you could see during this tour

Island #9 - Koh Bangu


The Bay from the beach

... Donald Duck Bay - island #8

Relax on the beach or...

A famous huge rock

View on island #9

Let's go to...

... island #4 - Koh Miang

Main beach

Small beach

Dinner at the camp

Koh Miang main bay

climb to the viewpoint

Koh Miang

Bat Fox are asleep


Koh Miang

Koh Bangu

Donald Duck Bay

Beach view 1

Our speedboat

Sea view 1

Sea view 2

Passage 2

Going down

Extra Shots - Islands & Camp

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